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Edel & Dermot

Our house is semi-detatched 3 bedroom home and we wanted to make it warmer and were concious of the amount of heat we were losing.

The house was very cold and very damp.  We were losing a lot of heat through the walls as the house has not been insulated properly.  We have sub floors a lot of heat was being lost through house.

Absolutely, basically meant for us, we were able to get more work done otherwise we would not been able to afford all three – the external insulation attic and boiler up-grade done without the aid of the finance scheme from the SEAI and the Credit Union at that time.

No.  The Credit Union took care of all the necessary paperwork for us.

We had all three done – External Insulation, Attic and our boiler upgraded. 

The job was very well organized. The workmanship was excellent. The men were very reliable. Good communication skills. Overall, we were very happy with the work and workmanship of Absolute Acrylics.

Absolutely!  We have no more dampness in the house.  No more loss of heat.  We can actually feel the warmth in the house.  Rarely turn the heating on anymore.  The draft and dampness are totally gone from the house, which was a big issue for us!

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Absolutely and if I am totally honest would not recommend any other Company to do the External Insulation.



We take care of all electrial aspects of the build such as exterior lighting and alarms 



We have qualified plumbing and heating specialists to look after any aspect of pipe work or gas installation



We take safety very seriously and ensure that every build is covered to the highest safety standards

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